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PolarBlock is a polyurethane concrete form used to construct very strong, highly energy efficient building envelopes. We looked at traditional wall structures and knew they could be improved.  Polyurethane as a raw material is extremely strong, enables us to decrease the amount of rebar required in our builds, decrease costs, and significantly decrease time on site and labour expense.  It is very accessible for typical labour crews, improving supply chain and access. PolarBlock is highly insulated, starting at R31 thermal resistance - - fire and water resistant,  resulting in a secure, energy efficient building, with decreased operational costs. 

POLARBLOCK - local manufacture / reliable supply chain

Demolding Production.jpg

Quality and reliability are imperative. Our values of "doing what we say we will" mean your order and product are available and shipped in the timelines promised and without causing stress to your project and schedule. 

Our strong material partners ensure we have the means to fulfill our commitments. 

Simplicity and ease of use were important in the development of PolarBlock. We knew we could achieve a high performance wall assembly, with innovative material and a streamlined construction approach. 

The design of PolarBlock is configured such that it removes any thermal bridging and creates a thermal break, ensuring extreme air tightness. 


The high strength of our block enables quick and simple construction with fewer steps required compared to traditional ICFs.  

Construction is rapidly accelerated because of decreased rebar, bracing and labor requirements. The simplicity of our design enables general labor crews to construct easily.  Your own crew can easily install with simple training.  FORM is committed to providing significant support and training to our clients. 

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