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The foundation of a sturdy, warm, dry, and
eco-friendly home.

High Performance and Simple Installation

PolarBlock is a polyurethane concrete form (PCF) used to construct very strong, highly energy efficient building envelopes.

PolarBlock's high insulation 

(starting at R31), water resistant and climate resilient benefits, create a secure, energy efficient building, with decreased operational costs. 

PolarBlock concrete pour.png

Peace of mind for the builder and the homeowner.


PolarBlock creates an airtight envelope that is quick to construct and costs less time in overall construction.

Requiring fewer specialized trades, using PolarBlock significantly cuts the construction time. 

Saves Time

No New Trades

Saves Money

Year-Round Installation

Environmentally friendly

Environmentally Friendly

Airtight Envelope


PolarBlock in action



  • Highly insulated envelope ideal for Net Zero or Passive House applications. 

  • Compatible with current traditional construction components, practices, and codes.

  • Fast installation, requiring fewer specialized trades, decreases construction costs

  • Fire and water resistant properties are a resilient answer to extreme climate events and unique geographic locations.

  • At leas50% more insulation properties of R31 to  R42. 

Modern House


  • Speed of construction is increased, allowing commercial properties to come online faster and with decreased cost. 

  • Simple construction process allows commercial clients to utilize current labor teams instead of specialized labour.

  • Efficiencies of scale contribute to markedly decreased time and labor costs. 

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