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There are many reasons innovation has been hard to implement in the construction industry. Many of the traditional methods have held up for centuries. However, we can all agree that a change in approach and improved energy efficiency is imperative and urgent.  

We are a proud Alberta company, using our history of innovation and traditional construction knowledge to drive development of new ideas in building envelopes.  We know how critical it is to support the infrastructure of green building and Net Zero construction with solid, achievable products and processes.  

One of the main elements we hear from contractors and builders is that many of the recent developments to support high performance building are cumbersome, multi-layered, and expensive.  Our goal is to make life easier for builders and developers, not harder. Yes, there is extra labour and expense involved in building higher performing buildings, but it doesn't have to be as complicated or unapproachable as what has historically been offered. 

Let us show you how easily you can accomplish higher performing building envelopes too!

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